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Fund Administration

Oasis Capital Group can advise you on the most appropriate offshore base for your fund. We will devise a tax efficient and compliant structure, and then establish your offshore fund and fund management vehicles in your chosen jurisdiction. We will provide or introduce you to 'offshore' directors and fund administrators, and if you wish we can manage the day to day mechanics of running your fund without falling foul of UK and other tax authorities.


There are many traps for the unwary - we have established practice and procedeure to ensure your fund is based 'offshore' and more importantly remains 'offshore' for tax purposes. We will provide tax trap awareness briefings and training for your executives and managers.


Oasis provides these and other fund services in most offshore locations:
  • Offshore fund offices
  • Offshore Directors
  • Offshore compliance
  • Offshore legal advice
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Fund administration
  • Banking and payments


Oasis Alternatives Limited is based in Mayfair, the heart of UK specialist private equity and hedge fund management. We came into being when the Oasis group established it's own offshore hedge fund operations. Starting a new fund is a daunting and very costly prospect, and whilst our specialist managers knew precisely what their funds would invest in and when, they had no real experience or knowledge of the legal structures or the mechanics required to establish a tax efficient offshore fund. They had excellent trade and sales contacts, but when it came to management, regulatory and compliance matters their hands-on experience was limited - but they had really great ideas and we wanted to get cracking as soon as possible! Oasis fund support group was created to take the pain away from our fund managers and let them concentrate on what they do best. We have developed in house expertise and a team of carefully selected advisors. Over time we have devised procedures and strategies to minimise cost and delay. Most people say that it takes well over a year to get a new fund structured and off the ground, but we expect to do it in eight months or less. It is a highly complex process involving lawyers, accountants and regulators in multiple time zones and legal jurisdictions. The fund structure and documentation must be coordinated with, and signed off as compliant by all of them.



You must expect to get conflicting advice from your regular personal lawyers, accountants and other advisors. Of course they will do their best for you, and they will introduce you to their friends and contacts in other fields - sadly you will waste a lot of money and more importantly time before you realise that this is the wrong approach. Oasis Alternatives will sit with you on day one to discuss and devise a road map to get you in business in the shortest possible time. We will then provide you with the most suitable team for your project and we will take the pain away by coordinating and managing the process for you. We will introduce and engage the right people for you, but only when you actually need them. Remember - it is all too easy to end up with three teams of professionals in different timezones playing email ping-pong and all running the clock 24 hrs a day at your expense.