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Fund Management

Oasis funds seek to deliver returns which are far higher than those delivered by more conventional investment products. Risk is always much higher where potential reward is high. Our products will only suit and be made available to sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals.


Oasis funds are designed to deliver our investors returns north of 20% IRR whilst keeping risk to an acceptable and defined level.

New alternative products being developed and introduced regularly by Oasis for its institutional and professional clients.

Whilst the nature of our investments is such that performance can vary, so far we are well ahead of our expectations for our existing products.


Oasis funds are set up with transparency and a fair deal for investors as paramount considerations. All the information we have relating to our fund investment performance is shared with our investors. Most of this information is available via the internet, on pages fed directly with content by the fund's administrators. Our fully independant administrators control all subscription administration, movement of funds for investment and manage general fund performance reporting & administration, and then the returns of capital & investment gains to investors. They also prepare for and instruct the audits of the fund. Oasis fee structures are set so that the vast majority of our remuneration is performance related - and then only after its investors have received a decent priority return on their investments. With the exception of a small set up fee, nothing is charged until capital and a priority return has been distributed to investors.



Various current world crises are changing the world in so many ways. Rule books will be re-written, and many of the old approaches to investment are no longer valid. Post the current crisis even sophisticated investors will find it difficult to find a safe way into higher yielding opportunities. Many Hedge and Private Equity funds are under pressure and failing. Those that have survived and will prosper again are the ones who have adopted new transparent practices towards their investors and which are 'stepping away' from the outmoded formula of set fees and investor returns. Oasis will utilise 'best practice' for the new environment in which concern for investors interest is paramount - with minimum agreed investor returns (IRRs), before any 'promote' fee is earned by the manager.



Oasis has identified various alternative asset classes which it believes will perform well and provide a safe opportunity for investors over the next three to five years. We have employed specialist staff and contractors to meet our primary objective of delivering significant IRRs to our investors. We always invest ourselves to demonstrate that good returns can be delivered. We then seek to maximise the potential reward by forming funds specific to those asset classes, investing for and alongside our clients, and in doing so share our knowledge, expertise and the rewards of our efforts with investors.