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Corporate Finance

Oasis Capital Limited is a finance and investment holding company based in Singapore, with offices in Monaco covering EMEA. Oasis invests directly, or through it's specialist subsidiaries, in the property, finance, security and resource sectors. Oasis Capital is always interested in looking at new opportunities, either wholly owned or as a significant shareholder.


Oasis offer a whole range of financing possibilities. We have in-house funds, and we are keen to invest directly in exceptional opportunities. We will also provide interim funding in some cases where we are retained to raise capital by placing equity or other securities for clients.

We are quite selective about the projects we take on, but when we are engaged you will find our principals fully engaged with you from concept to operation.
Oasis Capital provides a full range of corporate finance and advisory services. Our in-depth knowledge and relationships with all types of equity investors - Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, High Net Worth individuals/families and Corporates ensures that the most appropriate investors are approached for each fundraising exercise, taking into account the specific characteristics of each business and opportunity. Where joint ventures are sought, Oasis will select and introduce suitable candidates where appropriate synergies exist. We work with several major international clients finding joint venture opportunities for them.


We really understand what investors are looking for as we have arranged the closing of many transactions as principal.
We select structures, pricing options, returns, valuations, sectors, management issues,exit options in the way that investors will find most attractive.
We have detailed knowledge of off-shore fund formation and management, use of special purpose financing vehicles, as well as the complexities of efficient tax structuring.


Oasis know and have worked alongside most of the major international legal and accounting firms. We can reccomend and introduce the most suitable advisors for each aspect of your deal.

We work extensively with off shore specialist firms, fund administrators and trustees. Whatever your deal needs, we can form the very best team for the task.

By putting the right team together we will strip weeks or months off the timeline by teaming groups who regularly work together.


capmar   We approach the deal as an investor would to ensure all issues are addressed up-front. This reduces completion risk once the fundraising process has begun. We aim to ensure that there is competitive pressure throughout the process, so that the optimum deal is negotiated and delivered for the client.
Oasis employs a “hands on” approach to capital raising, our offering includes:

    Reviewing and revising business plans and financial projections to ensure they are robust
    Providing advice on valuation, and how it can be maximised
    Preparing and co-ordinating due diligence information
    Preparing and revising management presentations
    Pre-qualifing appropriate investors
    Pre-market selection of suitable qualified investors
    Preparing and distributing the business plan
    Obtaining access to key financial and strategic investors globally
    Organising and scheduling investor meetings
    Scheduling due diligence sessions
    Co-ordinating (and helping to select) key advisors (legal, accounting etc.)
    Negotiating terms of investment with lead investors
    Organising the investor syndicate
    Completing the closing and funding mechanics

city   Oasis reviews business and forecasts to determine debt capacity and debt fundraising options. We identify and source potential lenders and assist in production of information packs for lenders using experience to ensure that key banking issues are addressed correctly. We create a competitive process, and lead negotiations, ensuring that best terms are achieved for the client.

We provide assistance with presentations and information flow to ensure the Company can remain focused on running its business and oversee lenders credit process to ensure the deal closes within the required timetable. We can manage an equity fundraising if there is a funding shortfall.